Taylor Morrison Residential Subdivision

Project Overview:

Taylor Morrison’s 35, 45 and 55 subdivision is located on the north side of East Heritage Parkway at the intersection of Sander Street and within the Spring Lake Central portion of the larger Spring Lake Specific Plan area. The subdivision site is bound on all sides by R-5 and R-8 single family residential and will provide internal connections east to Pioneer Avenue the north to Farmers Central Road.  The subdivision was created with approval of Tentative Subdivision Map No. 5027 on May 5, 2015 along with amendments to the land use designations within the subdivision.

Taylor Morrison submitted a Site Plan and Design Review application for a residential project    (Spring Lake Central 35, 45 and 55) covering three contiguous Phases (Phase1, 2 and 4) on a total of approximately 44.43 acres. The project consists of three distinct Phases, with Phase 1 lots within the R-5 zone covering approximately 23.73 acres, Phase 2 within the R-8 zone covering approximately 9.72 acres, and Phase 4 in the R-4 zone covering approximately 10.98 acres of the Spring Lake Planning Area (see Attachment 2 – Residential Design Booklet). The project in its entirety consists of 214 single-family detached homes with Phase 1 containing 100 lots, Phase 2 containing 70 lot and Phase 4 containing 44 larger size lots. Taylor Morrison, in its application package, has proposed seventeen (17) different floor plans and four (4) architectural styles for a total of sixty-eight (68) elevations.  The homes will range in size from 1,650 to 3,179 square feet. 

The three Phase Taylor Morrison 35, 45 and 55 subdivision provides a wide variety of housing diversity with sixty eight (68) elevations, five (17) floor plans each with four (4) architectural styles, thereby exceeding the specific plan requirements. Phase 1 provides twenty six (26) elevations with ten (10) different floor plans. Phase 2 provides twenty four twenty four (24) elevations and six (6) different floor plans. Phase 4 provides twenty six (26) different elevations that include seven (7) floor plans. A detailed pre-plot exhibit for each individual Phase has been provided, (Attachment 2), to ensure the best mix of styles and floor plan fit for each lot. Staff finds that the resulting unit and elevation mix exceeds the requirements of the Spring Lake Specific Plan for architectural diversity. The applicant has worked to develop a variety of architectural styles and color pallets, including a mix of architectural materials and roof styles that are diverse yet appropriate to each style. 

Additional Information:

T.M. Design Phase 1