West Street Water Transmission Main Project

PhaseSouthwood St. Under Construction

Anticipated Construction Start Date: Summer 2018

Project Description

The City of Woodland water distribution system was originally constructed with water supply from neighborhood wells and thus there are no larger diameter water mains to convey water to different areas of the City. With the conversion to surface water as the primary source of water for the City, approximately 70% of the City’s water supply is through the transmission main along the south side of the City. The project is needed to provide adequate supply and maintain water quality in the northwest quarter of the City.

The full project includes construction of the transmission main on West Street from the south end of the City to the new water main at the intersection of West Street and Clover Street. Construction is planned to be constructed in two phases: South end of the City to Southwood St in summer 2018 and from Southwood St. to Clover St. in spring/summer 2019.

West Street Water Transmission Main Project