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Community Services

  1. Tree Rebate Form

    Please complete the following to receive your tree rebate

Public Works

  1. AB 1826 Form for Multifamily Residences 2019

    Organics recycling compliance form for multifamily residences.

  2. Free Business Recycling Bins

    Free recycling bins for businesses, schools and organizations.

  3. Mandatory Commercial Recycling Exemption Form 2018/19

    MCR program (AB 341) exemption.

  1. Compost Bin & Vermicompost Bin Rebate

    Rebate for a backyard compost bin ($100) and/or a vermicompost bin ($100).

  2. Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling Exemption Form 2018/19

    MORe program (AB 1826) exemption.

  3. Report Water Waste

    Help us stop water waste. If you see a water use violation, please let us know.