Kathy Harryman

Library Board of Trustees

My name is Kathy Harryman and I moved to Woodland in 1975. I am married and have three grown children, all married, and with children. Both my husband and myself are retired. I worked for both the Sacramento Catholic Diocese and Woodland Joint Unified School District. I was fortunate to teach at Plainfield Elementary, Douglass Junior High, and Woodland High School. I also worked in the District Office on various assignments. Libraries have always been an important part of my life. As a child, we did not have the opportunity to have print materials in our home. My mother would take both my brother and myself to our local library. I was always fascinated by the number of books on the shelves. As a teacher, I was instrumental in supporting our local school libraries. I was President of the Friends of our library for five years. During that time, we cleaned up current book sale space, had shelves built to hold more books, hired painters to enhance the library, purchased chairs for the building, and worked on replanting the courtyard. My goal is to support the library in any way that I can.

My goals are to see the Leake Room opened again for public use, and have hours restored to the library schedule. 

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