Are there immediate opportunities available for volunteers?

A: Yes. Our principal near-term needs are for people who would like to volunteer to perform administrative duties (including serving on the WCCC Board) and to assist with special events.  In addition we are looking for people with supervisory or managerial experience who can manage other volunteers, and for people with some background in the public safety arena.

Are we starting a Citizen Corps because Woodland has a high exposure to acts of terrorism?

A: September 11 changed everything. Every community in the country is now a potential target of terrorism. Woodland may not have as high a risk profile as New York or Washington D.C., but because we are an agricultural city in the Sacramento valley, surrounded by the capital and several transportation corridors, our exposure is higher than some other communities. In the post September 11 era, vigilance always offers the best road to prevention.

Can the Public Works Department tell me where my property lines are?

The City of Woodland can locate the street right-of-way line in front of your property, but we are unable to establish your property corners, other property lines, or anything behind the public right-of-way. In order to obtain this information, you will need to contact a land surveyor to perform the necessary field surveying. Although the City of Woodland will not recommend one firm over another to perform the work, there are several firms listed in the telephone book (listed under 'Surveyors-Land') who are willing to provide this service.

Do I have to be a resident of the City of Woodland to participate

A: Any interested citizen can participate. Neighboring cities may wish to set up their own Councils and the Woodland Citizen Corps will be pleased to provide support. For example, CERT training will be made available to any qualified citizen in the region. The Woodland Council will also provide advisory services to any neighboring community that wishes to establish its own Citizen Corps Council.

Do I have to have special qualifications to participate?

A: Some of the volunteer opportunities in public safety will require relevant skills and experience, as well as background checks, but there are many volunteer opportunities that require no special skills. To find out how you can participate, contact the Council and we'll try to find the right match for your skills and interests.

Does the City of Woodland have an Emergency Response Plan?

A: Yes. The plan has been developed by the Woodland Fire Department, adopted by the City Council and is managed by the City Disaster Coordinator (City Manager). In addition it calls for coordination with numerous other agencies, thus the formation of the Citizen Corps Council. Appropriate information on the plan is being made available to all the organizations affiliated with the Council.

Does Woodland have a high risk of natural disasters?

A: Woodland is more fortunate than most communities, but not immune to natural disasters. We sit on bedrock and are not particularly susceptible to earthquakes. Hurricanes and tornadoes are not a normal occurrence. But we do have floods and fires, as well as train wrecks and multiple car pile-ups caused by fog. Volunteers may be of assistance when these events occur.

If I volunteer for disaster response, isn't it likely that I will have to wait a long time between opportunities to render my services?

A: We hope so. The fewer disasters the better. Our intention is to provide emergency response training to people who are also volunteering to perform ongoing services for our public safety organizations or for the many existing volunteer organizations in our community. That way they will not have to wait a long time in between opportunities to provide services, while remaining available to help if a disaster occurs.

What is the property owners' duty as to maintenance of sidewalks and driveways?

According to the Code of the City of Woodland, 'It shall be unlawful for any person owning any building, lot or premises in the city, fronting on any portion of an improved street or right-of-way, where a sidewalk is constructed or has been previously constructed, to allow that portion of such sidewalk to be out of repair, or to become, be or remain dangerous to the users thereof for any reason' (Ordinance No. 1201).

Who do I contact for problems with water and sewer service?

For problems with water and sewer service, we recommend contacting the City of Woodland Public Works Municipal Service Center which is located at 655 Pioneer Avenue, Woodland, CA 95776. Please call (530) 661-5962.

Who do I contact for water or sewer hook-ups for my property?

For water or sewer hook-ups on your property, please contact the City of Woodland Public Works Department at (530) 661-5946. According to the 2002 City of Woodland Standard Specifications and Details, connections to existing mains shall be made following appropriate request and scheduling with the City Public Works Department. Applications for such connections shall be made at least ten (10) working days in advance of start of construction.

Who do I contact if I notice damages in the sidewalk along a public street?

If you notice damages or large and/or hazardous cracks in the sidewalk along a public street, please contact the City of Woodland Public Works Municipal Service Center at (530) 661-5962. Please be prepared to tell operator location and details of the damaged area.

Who is responsible for a plugged-up sewer lateral?

If you are experiencing a plugged-up sewer lateral, the responsibility to get it taken care of falls on that of the homeowner. The sanitary sewer lateral is the pipe which connects the property to the main sanitary sewer in the street. The sewer main in the City street or public alley is maintained by the City, however, the lateral off of the main is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Will the Woodland Citizen Corps be responsible for emergency response?

A: No. That responsibility rests with the designated authorities, such as the Woodland Police Department, the Woodland Fire Department, the Yolo County Sheriff Department and the Office of Emergency Services. The Woodland Citizen Corps is responsible for recruiting and developing a corps of volunteers to support the efforts of these agencies and to help coordinate volunteer response in the event of an emergency.

Will the Woodland Citizen Corps offer volunteer training?

A: Yes.  A number of the programs within the scope of the Council, such as Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), have existing training programs.  During Phase Two, we will be training volunteer managers on how to manage other volunteers. Many of our affiliated organizations, such as the American Red Cross, also offer training for volunteers.