Personnel Board

The Personnel Board meets on an as needed basis.  The function of the Personnel Board is to hear appeals of employees in career service involving any disciplinary action, dismissal, demotion, interpretation or alleged violation of the city's personnel rules, and to certify its findings and recommendations as provided in the personnel system rules.  The Personnel Board consists of five members who must be residents in the City of Woodland.  It is preferable that members have some knowledge or background in personnel matters.

Staff Liaison
Sheila McShane, Human Resources Manager, Human Resources, 530-661-5807

Number of Members
5 Regular Members - 3 year terms
1 Independent Council

Lorna Carriveau - term expires December 31, 2018
David Loth - term expires December 31, 2018
Cathy O'Connell - term expires December 31, 2019
Letha Sines - term expires December 31, 2018
VACANT - term expires December 31, 2020

Meeting Calendar
The Board meets as needed.

Additional Information
If you are interested in applying for a position on the Personnel Board, Please click here to download an application or contact the City Clerk at (530) 661-5806.