Woodland was incorporated in 1871 as a general law city, governed by a five-member Council, with the Mayor serving as presiding officer. The Mayor and four Council members are elected at-large by the people to serve four-year terms. The Vice Mayor is selected by the Council, based on the person who received the greatest votes. This Council member then serves as Mayor during their last two years of office. The City Council is the governing body of the Redevelopment Agency.

Woodland's City Council meets regularly every first and third Tuesday of the month. Meetings are held in the City Council Chambers, 2nd floor of City Hall, 300 First Street in downtown Woodland. Citizens are welcome to attend in person or view proceedings on government access cable channel 20. Videotaped copies of previous City Council meetings are available at the Woodland Public Library.

Copies of agendas, minutes, resolutions, staff reports and ordinances are available for review in the City Clerk's office. You can view a copy of the upcoming City Council Agenda on the Agenda Page.

The City Council is served by several commissions. These advisory groups are composed of residents appointed by the Council. Many recommendations taken by a commission are then heard and acted upon by the City Council. Recruitment for commission members is a continuous process open to any City of Woodland resident. For more information go to Commissions Page.

City Government Facilities Map

City Government Organizational Chart

City of Woodland Strategic Plan

Brief History of Woodland

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