Auto Repair at Home

The City of Woodland has developed a proactive program for enforcement of automobile repair outside in residential neighborhoods.

Only minor repair work can be performed within a residential district if that minor repair work is performed completely inside a fully enclosed structure.

Minor repair work on a vehicle can be performed outside a fully enclosed structure where the elapsed time between the beginning and the end of the repair do not exceed forty-eight hours.

All other work on a vehicle must be preformed within a completely enclosed building.

No painting of a vehicle is permitted within a residential district. All major repair work must be performed within a fully enclosed structure.

The motor vehicles repair guidelines are outlined in Section 14A-1-3-1 City of Woodland Municipal Code.

What does Major vehicle repair mean?
“Major vehicle repair” means any maintenance, repair or replacement not listed in the definition of “minor vehicle repair” in this subsection, including, but not limited to, the removal of engines, rebuilding of engines, repair of the internal components, repair or removal of differentials or axles, dismantling of vehicles, and body work;

What does Minor vehicle repair mean?
“Minor vehicle repair” means maintenance, repair or replacement of the alternator, generator, starter, water pump, battery, brakes or part thereof; minor tune-up (which consists of distributor cap, rotor and spark plug replacement); change of oil and filter, fan belt, or hoses; lamp replacement; repair of flat tires; lubrication;

Can I do major repair work on a vehicle within a residential neighborhood?
Yes. All major repair work must be performed within a fully enclosed structure. At no time can work be performed outside of the structure. Under no circumstances can a vehicle be painted within a residential neighborhood.

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