Garbage and Debris

The City of Woodland has developed a proactive program for removal of garbage and debris from private property.

The following are specifically declared to be nuisances;

(1) The accumulation of waste matter on any premises, for an unreasonable period, so as to reduce the aesthetic appearance of the neighborhood;

(2) The accumulation of junk, visible to the public.

The ordinance addressing the accumulation of garbage and debris is under section 14A-1-2 City of Woodland Municipal Code.

What is the definition of Blight?
"Blight” means the accumulation of any item, waste matter, or junk, including, but not limited to, inoperable vehicles, or the maintenance of a condition on any premises, visible to the public, for an unreasonable length of time, which may degrade the aesthetic appearance of the neighborhood.

What is the definition of Junk?
"Junk” means any castoff, damaged, discarded, obsolete, salvage, scrapped, unusable, worn-out or wrecked object, thing or material, composed in whole or in part of asphalt, brick, carbon, cement, plastic or other synthetic substance, fiber, glass, metal, paper, plaster, rubber, terra cotta, wood, wool, cotton, cloth, canvas, organic matter or other substance.

What is the definition of waste matter?
“Waste matter” means any broken bottles, discarded metal containers, trimmings from lawns, trees and flower gardens, ashes, cardboard boxes, rags, mattresses, sawdust, brick, piled dirt, wire, and other combustible and noncombustible and flammable waste material.

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