Engineering Division

This division is responsible for the operation of various engineering functions including design and construction oversight of capital projects, development services, transportation/traffic engineering, and infrastructure construction inspection.


The primary goal of the City of Woodland Capital Projects Design, Construction and Inspection staff is to provide public works infrastructure (transportation system and utilities) and related facilities and services in a cost effective manner, to meet the current and projected needs of the City and its residents.

Members of the City of Woodland Capital Projects: Design, Construction and Inspection staff are available to assist you at any stage of the process to answer questions and to receive and provide feedback to assure a complete, professional end product.  Suggestions in any area which can improve processes and contribute to the continued harmonious relationship amongst our Team, which includes General Contractors, Professionals/Consultants, and residents of Woodland are welcomed and encouraged. We look forward to working with you in the future and welcome to the Team. 


The primary goal of the City of Woodland development services staff is to provide the overall management and coordination of the following services: Permit and Project Processing, City Property Management, Mapping, and Planning.


The primary goal of the City of Woodland traffic staff is to attain the safest and most efficient over-all traffic flow possible. 

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