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Encroachment Permits

What is an Encroachment Permit?

According to the Code of City of Woodland, encroach or encroachment means going over, upon or under, or using a right-of-way or watercourse in such a manner as to prevent, obstruct, or interfere with its normal use. Therefore, an encroachment permit is a contract that is required for any work that is done within the encroached public right-of-way.

This includes, but is not limited to, trench-cuts or digging in the public right-of-way, sidewalk or driveway interference, placement of a dumpster within the public right-of-way, the movement of construction equipment throughout the public right-of-way (this includes the construction of a swimming pool), the placement of any temporary traffic control device, and the connection of water and sewer services. Please see the following list for a detailed list:

1. Excavating, filling or disturbing the right-of-way or watercourse;
2. Erecting or maintaining any flag, banner, post, sign pole, fence, guardrail, loading platform, pipe, conduit, wire or other structure on, over or under a right-of-way or watercourse;
3. Constructing, placing, or maintaining on, over or under or within a right-of-way any pathway, side-walk, driveway, curb, gutter, paving, or other surface or subsurface drainage structure or facility;
4.  Travel on a right-of-way by any vehicle or combination of vehicles or object of dimension, weight or other characteristic prohibited by law without a permit;
5. Lighting or building a fire within a right-of-way or watercourse;
6. Placing or leaving on a right-of-way or watercourse any materials including but not limited to rubbish, construction spoil, earth, metal objects, concrete or sod;
7. Planting any tree, shrub, grass or other living thing (except for weeds) within a right-of-way or watercourse;
8.  Constructing, placing, planting or maintaining any structure, embankment, excavation, tree or other object adjacent to, over or under a right-of-way or watercourse which causes or will cause an encroachment.

What does an encroachment permit require?

First, an encroachment permit requires a plan that shows the proposed work. Second, the permit calls for a set processing fee and varying levels of other fees for inspection. Furthermore, some permits shall require additional insurance from the City. Encroachment permit fees for processing and inspections shall be as per the current Comprehensive Fee Schedule adopted by the city council. Encroachment permits are obtained from the Development Services Division of the Community Development Department.

Construction Water Permits

What is a construction water permit?

A construction water permit, also known as a fire hydrant usage permit, is required for all access to City fire hydrant water for construction purposes. Construction water drawn from fire hydrants shall require a payment of a monthly fee of $118.00. Construction water permits are obtained from the Development Services Division of the Community Development Department.

Grading Permits

What is a grading permit?

Grading includes the act or result of digging, excavating, transporting, spreading, depositing, filling, compacting, settling, or shaping of land surfaces and slopes. Therefore, prior to start of clearing, grading, importing, or exporting of any earth material from a site, a Grading Permit must be acquired. A separate permit is required for work on each site unless the sites are contiguous, have the same ownership, and are included in the CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) clearance. Both grading permit and building permit information can be obtained from the City of Woodland Community Development Department. They can be reached at (530) 661-5820 or please visit the Community Development Department web page for more information.

Utility Connections

Who do I contact for utility connections for my property?

Connections to existing mains shall be made following appropriate request with the Community Development Development Services office. Applications for such connections shall be made at least ten (10) working days in advance of start of construction.  For water or sewer hook-ups on your property, please contact the City of Woodland Community Development Department Development Services office at (530) 661-5820.

Transportation Permits

How can I get more information regarding transportation permits?

Transportation permits are called for from any vehicle, combination of vehicles or object of weight or dimension that is intended to enter the public right-of-way. For more information regarding transportation permits and the permit conditions, please visit our City of Woodland Truck Routes and Permit Conditions web page.


Permits are processed and purchased at the City of Woodland Community Development counter in City Hall at 300 First Street, Woodland, CA. For fee information, please visit our Comprehensive Fee Schedule web page located on this site.

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