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City Maps

The following is a list of maps that are available online in Adobe Acrobat Reader, or PDF format. Users can view and/or print the maps shown on this page. If there is map information that you need and is not provided, or if you are unable to the view the maps in PDF format, please contact us so that we can help to provide the information that you need.

To view City of Woodland maps online, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer. Click to visit Adobe's Download Page.

Online City of Woodland Maps:

City of Woodland City Map
City of Woodland Traffic Signal Map
City of Woodland Traffic Count Map
City of Woodland Bicycle Route Map
City of Woodland Functional Classifications Map

Deed Maps

For detailed deed map information, please contact the Yolo County Assessors Office.

Location: 625 Court Street, Room 104, Woodland, CA 95695
Mailing Address: PO Box 1130, Woodland, CA 95776
Telephone: (530) 666-8135
Office Hours: 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m, Monday through Friday

Parcel and Subdivision Maps

Tentative plans for Parcel and Subdivision Maps should be submitted to the City of Woodland Community Development Department. After approval or conditional approval of a tentative map, a final map or parcel map of the subdivision or any portion thereof as indicated by phase lines on the approved tentative map shall be prepared. The final maps are to be submitted to the City of Woodland Community Development Department located in City Hall, 300 First Street, Woodland CA  95695.  For information explaining Parcel and Subdivision Maps, please refer to the City of Woodland City Code (reference Chapter 21: Subdivisions). Furthermore, for information regarding what is required for the Parcel and Subdivision Map submittal, please refer to the City of Woodland Standard Specifications and Details (reference Part I, Section II: Development Maps and Construction Plans) web page. And lastly, for fee information regarding cost of submittal and extension of time, please refer to the City of Woodland Community Development Department Fee Schedule  (reference Section D: Planning Fees) page.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

 The City of Woodland Engineering and Information Systems Division have joined forces to implement a Geographic Information Systems web page that is coming soon. Please check back soon! Or, please click here to view our Yolo County Regional GIS Summit Information Page or visit Yolo County's Internet Mapping GIS Page at 

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