2010-2014 Implementation Strategy

As part of the Community Redevelopment Law Reform Act of 1993, redevelopment agencies have been required to adopt a five-year implementation plan for each redevelopment project area pursuant to Section 33490 of the Community Redevelopment Law (CRL).  The prinicpal goal is to guide an agency in implementing its redevelopment programs to help eliminate blighting influences.  In addition, the affordable housing component of the Implementation Plan provides the mechanism for a redevelopment agency to monitor its progress in meeting both its affordable housing obligations under the CRL and the affordable housing needs of the community.  In effect, the Implementation Plan is a guide, incorporating the goals, objectives, and potential programs of an agency for the next five years, while providing flexibility so the agency may adjust to changing circumstances and new opportunities.

Redevelopment Agency's 
2010-2014 Implementation Strategy, Adopted December 15, 2009.

Previous Implementation Stategies:

1999-2004 Implementation Strategy.
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