Commision on Aging (COA)

The Commission meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 3:00 p.m. at the Community & Senior Center.

2016 Calendar

Commission on Aging Members

Regan Overholt
Don Campbell
Heidi Wheeler
Melody R. Parker
10/20/16 current meeting packet (Adobe Acrobat file of meeting agenda normally available the previous Monday.) 


Commission on Aging is pleased to make available to the community a document that will help you to keep all your important information in one place: Important Documents. You may choose to fill in your information online and then print the document or print the document and fill in your information.

COA Approved Minutes

1/21/16  2/18/16 3/17/16  4/21/16
Cancelled  6/16/16 No Quorum  No Meeting
No Quorum 10/20/16 11/17/16 No Meeting

Commission Document Archive

1/21/16  2/18/16  3/17/16  4/21/16
Cancelled  6/16/16 No Quorum No Meeting
No Quorum 10/20/16 11/17/16 No Meeting
 1/8/15 2/12/15 3/12/15 4/9/15
 5/14/15 Canceled 6/11/15 7/9/15 No Meeting
9/10/15 10/15/15 11/19/15 No Meeting