Battalion Chief - Rick Sander
Rick Sander has over 24 years with the Woodland Fire Department. He was hired as a Firefighter in 1989, promoting to Engineer in 1993, Captain in 2001 and most recently to Battalion Chief in 2008. He is working on his Bachelor's Degree in Fire Services Administration through Eastern Oregon University and has completed his course work for the California State Fire Marshal's Office "Chief Officer" certification. He has been Acting Battalion Chief since 2006 and through that experience has been promoted to Battalion Chief where he will use his skill and knowledge of the fire department to lead his crew with energy and competence. Rick serves as the Battalion Chief for "B" Shift.

Battalion Chief - Greg Robinson

Greg Robinson has over 20 years with the Woodland Fire Department. He began his career as a firefighter in September of 1988 promoting to Engineer in January of 1991, Captain in March of 2000 and then to Battalion Chief in October of 2007. Greg became a State Certified Fire Officer in March of 1995 and received an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts from American River College in May 1999. Greg’s excellent communication ability allows him to provide sound leadership and knowledge in emergency situations. He possesses a high level of skill to make strategic and tactical decisions keeping his crew and the public safe. His superior leadership ability to ensure complete and competent operations within our department, make him a highly regarded asset. Greg serves as the Battalion Chief for the “A” shift.