CERT Photos

As service to our students, we are providing access to the various photos taken throughout a given class.  CERT program photos are divided by class (season, year).  When this page is complete, each link will go to the Team's Yahoo Groups Photo page for each class.  Double-click on the link below to be taken to the photo page to see all the available photos taken throughout the class.  As some classes have fewer photos than others, what is here is what we have.

Please note, these picture files have been reduced in file size as much as possible, but they could still be quite large.  We have listed the file size beside each link; if the size is larger than 1mb, then the download could take a long time depending on your internet connection.

We will be unable to fulfill individual request for the actual photos due to time constraints on the staff, so hopefully this page will serve your needs.  We welcome any suggestions on how to make this better, please send an email to cert@woodlandcert.org.



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