Special Needs Alert Program (SNAP)

The City of Woodland Public Safety Special Needs Alert Program (SNAP)

The City of Woodland Special Needs Alert Program (SNAP) assists First Responders (Police and Fire) to be more responsive during emergencies to residents of the City of Woodland with special needs. Maintained by the City of Woodland Public Safety Department, the registry can help first responders identify those who cannot identify themselves due to a disability or special need, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, autism, or a speech disorder.

Families or agencies can voluntarily provide information about their relatives/clients with special needs so that Law Enforcement and Fire personnel will:

  • Have a photograph, description and contact information for people with special needs in our community who may need special assistance in an emergency.
  • Be better equipped to help people with special needs who may become lost, injured, or who may wander away from home.
  • Be aware of special medical, safety and behavioral concerns of individuals with special needs.
  • Be aware of accommodations that may be needed in interacting with the person.

How to Register?

Simply complete the SNAP Form for yourself, a loved one or client. Make sure to sign and date the form. Drop the form off or mail the form to:

City of Woodland Public Safety

ATTN: Special Needs Alert Program (SNAP)

1000 Lincoln Avenue

Woodland, California 95695

How do I include a photograph with the alert form?

There are two options for including a photograph with your alert form:

  1. Attach a 4x6 printed photograph to your alert form and turn in
  2. Email a .jpeg photograph to SNAP@cityofwoodland.org

Please make sure the photograph is only of the registering person (portraits are best). The photograph needs to be of clear quality, recent and preferably in color. Photographs will not be returned to the registrant, so make sure you have an original copy for yourself.

What happens next?

After your Special Needs Alert Program form has been received, it will be processed and entered into the Police and Fire systems. It is up to the Individual/ Primary Caregiver/ or Responsible Party completing the form to keep the information updated and accurate with the City of Woodland Public Safety.

How do I update the alert information?

Alert form information can be updated at any time by completing a Special Needs Alert Program form and checking the “Updated Alert” box at the top of the form. The form can then be dropped off or mailed to the Public Safety Department.

Is there a cost associated with this service?

No. Completing the form and registering with the Special Needs Alert Program (SNAP) is free of charge.

Have Questions or Need Assistance?

If you have questions or need help completing the Special Needs Alert Program form, please contact the Woodland Public Safety Department at (530) 661-7853 or by emailing questions to: SNAP@cityofwoodland.org.