S.T.E.P. - Homeless Tutoring Program

Woodland Literacy tutors at the Wayfarer Center

Opening night of the S.T.E.P. program at the Yolo Wayfarer Center. Pictured are: Mike Elfant, Rosalinda Martinez, Sue Bigelow, Jackie Montgomery.


The Woodland Public Library Literacy Service's Strength through Education Program (S.T.E.P) is a literacy tutoring program housed within the walls of the Yolo Wayfarer Center in downtown woodland. The concept for S.T.E.P. sprang forth  in much the same way as our Inmate tutoring program in that a need presented itself in a non-traditional venue. With a direct correlation between poverty and illiteracy, improving reading and writing skills for those housed at the Wayfarer Center for the homeless became a necessary program for the successful transition between living on the streets and a successful independent life style. It became the key to securing employment, finding housing, creating a healthy family situation and leading a more confident, secure life.

S.T.E.P. provides one-on-one , small group and family tutoring within the confines of the Wayfarere Center. This goal-oriented program focuses on the basic literacy skills of reading, writing and comprehension as well as job skills, health and family literacy, GED preparation and Computer Literacy.

The program is administered by the Woodland Literacy Service. The Program is administered by Mike Elfant. A team of five volunteers from the Literacy Service tutor on Monday and Thursday evenings.

**The residents at the Wayfarer Center publish the S.T.E.P. Literary Journal once a month. It contains prose, poetry, and thoughts they would like to share. Click here for archived copies of the journal.

The writings contained within the S.T.E.P Literary Journal are the original work of the residents of the Yolo Wayfarer Center. The Woodland Public Library and the Yolo Wayfarer Center have been given permission to publish work by the author in both print and electronic media. The content of the work  is in no way a reflection of  the opinions or positions of either the Woodland Public Library or the Yolo Wayfarer Center.  The Woodland Public Library and the Yolo Wayfarer Center neither endorse nor oppose the contents of the Literary Journal but make it available to support the library’s commitment to freedom of access to information.

For more information about the program, call the Literacy Service at 530-661-5986.

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