You do not need to know a foreign language or be a teacher to be a successful volunteer tutor. One of the most effective ways to support the literacy cause is to volunteer your time helping others acquire necessary skills we often take for granted. To learn more about tutoring opportunities with adults, call the Woodland Public Library Literacy Service at 530.661.5987. We will send you information and help you find a tutoring opportunity that is right for you.

Literacy Tutor Orientation

Are you interested in working with adult language learners? This two-hour orientation will provide an introduction to our program and answer any questions you may have about becoming a tutor. If you would like more information or would like to register for orientation, please call the Literacy Services office at (530) 661-5986 or email literacy@cityofwoodland.org.

Literacy Orientation

Tutor Workshops

WPLLC offers tutor development workshops to address aspects of one-on-one adult literacy tutoring. Tutors are also welcome to stop by the office anytime to have questions answered, request materials, or have a cup of coffee or tea.

Monthly Tutor Report (pdf)
Monthly Tutor Report (online form)