2003 Recipients

2003 Officer of the Year - Dan Letamendi 
Sergeant Dan Letamendi has been selected as the Woodland Police Department’s Officer of the Year for 2003. Sergeant Letamendi has been an employee of the Department since 1986.

He was assigned to the patrol division. In 1989 he was transferred to the Traffic Unit where he served as a DUI enforcement officer. and later as a K-9 officer. In 1999 he was appoint Corporal and in 2000 he was promoted to the rank of sergeant. While working as a DUI enforcement officer he participated in a training film produced by the National Traffic Safety Administration on admin per se issues.

As a sergeant he has taken a lead role in the development and implementation of the department’s mobile data project, volunteering to be a primary trainer. Dan actively to on the role of liaison between staff and administration resolving computer software issues and bringing the program on-line. As a result of his thorough knowledge of the computer system he became the “go-to guy” responding to employees’ frustrations and concerns. During this time he filled the role of patrol field supervisor and K-9 program supervisor.

In addition to being selected as the 2003 Officer of the Year, Sergeant Dan Letamendi was the recipient of the Woodland Police Department Life Saving Medal for his actions on August 31, 2003. Sergeant Letamendi assisted the Fire Department in its rescue of an unconscious victim trapped in a burning residence.

Sergeant Dan Letamendi was recognized for his achievement by the Department and his peers at the Woodland Professional Police Employees Association annual Christmas Party held December 20, 2003

2003 Employee of the Year - Pam Wirth
Community Services Officer (CSO) Pam Wirth has been selected as the Woodland Police Department’s Employee of the Year for 2003. CSO Wirth has been an employee of the Department since 1986.

CSO Wirth was initially assigned to the records division and given the responsibility for processing warrants. She was immediately recognized for her mature perspective and stabilizing influence on her peers. Within her first year of employment she was given the responsibility to train other CSOs.

In 1987 she was transferred to a full-time parking enforcement position in the Traffic Unit. After completing her parking enforcement assignment she was reassigned to Records and selected to assist with clerical duties in the Investigations Division.

In June 1999 she was selected to fill the CSO position in the Crime Analysis Unit. She is described as indispensable member of the Crime Analysis Unit Gang Violence Suppression Team. She has an impressive, wide ranging knowledge of the department’s records management system, and GIS Crime View mapping software. She also excels in working and establishing an excellent rapport with outside agencies.

During the past year she has performed the duties of the two positions in the Crime Analysis Unit, and also acted as the interim Training Coordinator for the department.

She is described as multifaceted worker, who takes to adversity like a duck to water, she has excellent organizational skills and patience. She is a team player who does not seek personal recognition. She a person of impeccable integrity, respected for her good humor, knowledge and dedication.

Community Services Officer Pam Wirth was recognized for her achievements by the Department and her peers at the Woodland Professional Police Employees Association annual Christmas Party on December 20, 2003.