2008 Recipients

Each year the Woodland Police Department awards individuals (officers and employees) for their efforts and achievements. The following individuals performed above and beyond the call of duty for calendar year 2008:

2008 Officer of the Year - David Harriman

The Woodland Police Department’s 2008 Officer of the Year is Officer David Harriman.  His current assignment is Motorcycle Officer, Traffic Division.  In their nominations, department members highlighted Dave’s unwavering dedication.  He was recently faced with an uphill struggle to return to his job after what was thought to be a career-ending injury.  Because of Dave's love for the law enforcement profession, he worked tirelessly and often painfully to recover from his injury and to regain his health.  He met this adversity with steadfast courage and perseverance. 

With that resolve and enthusiasm, he has become a great motivating presence to other officers.  During his absence, it quickly became apparent how important he is to the traffic division and the entire department.  The amount of enforcement he is responsible for is extraordinarily impressive, and that became readily clear as the numbers dwindled with his absence. 

Dave was born in Yokahama, Japan and attended schools in Okinawa, Maine, Massachusetts, Georgia, San Francisco, San Rafael, and Daly City, after relocating with his family due to his father’s career in the United States Army.  He worked for many years in various retail businesses and rapidly promoted to Store Manager positions.  He retired from the retail industry and decided to pursue a lifelong dream of becoming a Police Officer.  Dave attended the Napa Valley Police Academy and graduated in December 1997 ranked #3 out of 29 [tremendously inspiring since he was 46 years old at the time!].  He has been a member of the Woodland Police Department since March of 1998.  Dave and his wife, Lynne, have been married for six years.  He has two sons, David and Scott, and three grandchildren.  He also has a cat named Caesar, and a “singing” bird, named Rocky, who loves to perform “Oh What a Beautiful Morning.”         

Dave is described by his peers as being an ideal team player and willing to help anyone at all times.  He is quick to offer his assistance, and always with a cheerful attitude.  He has an admirable outlook toward his job and exhibits it on a daily basis.  Dave is respected by his colleagues and supervisors for his commitment to law enforcement and his allegiance to the Woodland Police Department.  He exemplifies what makes a superb police officer and an inspiration to all of us.  It is with great pleasure that we recognize Officer David Harriman as our Department’s Officer of the Year.  

2008 Employee of the Year - Kathy Bailey


Kathy Bailey  was hired by the Woodland Police Department as a Community Services Officer in August 1992 in the Records Division.  She transferred to the Investigations Division in 1995.  She maintains statistics and tracks reports for the unit which includes six detectives, two Gang Violence Suppression Unit members, and two School Resource Officers and compiles monthly reports to be forwarded to the Chief of Police. 

Kathy has the responsibility of being the department’s only custodian of records for all sexual and arson registrants, which includes scheduling appointments, updating information for the Department of Justice, and reporting any irregularities to the supervising sergeant in the investigations division.  She also handles the intake of all initial child abuse reports, as well as tracking and following up with all of the missing persons and runaway cases.

Due to Kathy’s well established in-depth knowledge of the Vision Records Management System, she is not only an indispensable member of the superuser’s committee, she is also in the process of establishing solvability factors, which should greatly enhance our ability to process reports and investigate crime in a more timely manner.  Kathy has also volunteered to take on the additional duty of reviewing all submitted latent fingerprint lifts and taking those that she finds conducive to an Automated Latent Print Search and running them through the ALPS computers.  It is a very time-consuming process that requires three-course instruction on “reading” latent prints and one course on operating the ALPS computer. 

Kathy is also a valuable contributor to the Crime Scene Investigation team.  She always responds without hesitation or complaint.  Her final work product, whether a crime scene diagram, sketch, or detailed photo log always exceeds standards.

Kathy was born in Teaneck, New Jersey and moved to Saratoga, California at the age of five.  She attended all schools in Saratoga and graduated from Saratoga High School.  She attended West Valley Community College in Saratoga.  Kathy has two children: son, Matt and daughter, Courtney - both pictured above.    

She was selected by her peers because of her strong work ethic and eagerness to help no matter what the request may be.  She is described by coworkers as respectful, friendly, and most of all helpful.  Kathy is a wealth of information, and yet on those extremely rare occasions when she does not have the answer to someone’s question, she will find it and report to them as soon as she has found the answer they are seeking.  She maintains excellent working relationships with not only the members of our department, but also with staff of the District Attorney’s office, Yolo County Superior Court, city hall, and several local businesses. 

Kathy is greatly respected by her supervisors and her peers.  She always has a smile on her face and a pleasant disposition.  As an example of her good nature and willingness to brighten the day of others, at each birthday for her co-workers in the Investigations Division, she will take the time to bake the recipient’s favorite dessert.  They all appreciate her efforts, not only as a nice gesture, but as a symbol of friendship and her kindness to others.    

Kathy truly exemplifies our department’s commitment of providing the highest quality of law enforcement service to our community.

Congratulations to the Woodland Police Department’s 2008 Employee of the Year, Kathy Bailey.