The Operations Division, currently headed by two Patrol Lieutenants, is comprised of Patrol, Traffic, Parking and Strategic Operations.  Officers and staff also participate in various Specialty Assignments.


The Patrol units are the backbone of the Police Department, containing the bulk of the staff, including Police Officers, Community Service Officers (CSOs), and Command Staff.



The Traffic Division of the police department consists of a Traffic Sergeant, two Motorcycle Enforcement Officers, and two part-time Parking Enforcement CSO's. These personnel respond directly to traffic related complaints received from the community. Additionally, the Police Officers assigned to this unit investigate all major traffic collisions that occur within the community. In an attempt to increase the public’s awareness of driving under the influence, the Division also conducts sobriety checkpoints.


The primary job of the Parking Enforcement Officers is to keep the turnover of vehicles moving in the time restricted zones in the downtown area.  During the Parking Enforcement Officer's travels, they mark tires in time restricted zones, and may also issue citations for vehicle code violations.  Such violations include expired registration, registration tabs, handicapped parking violations and city ordinances such as occupying more than one space, red zone violations, safety zones violations and permit parking violations.

Parking Enforcement also patrols some county controlled areas.  They assist with traffic control, abandoned vehicles, decoy vehicles, radar trailer and other parking related violations throughout the city.  There is also substantial paperwork associated with the job, such as generating parking and patrol statistics, citation review forms and providing information to City Engineers regarding traffic concerns.

Parking Enforcement is maintained primarily by two CSOs, however Patrol Officers also participate in the issuing of parking citations.



Bike Team

The department maintains a Bicycle Team of Police Officers. This is a volunteer assignment. The Bicycle Patrol was formed during the summer of 1999 and made its debut on Cruise Night. Some of the special events where the bicycle team is out in force are the 4th of July fireworks program at Woodland High School, the Yolo County Fair, Stroll Through History, the Chili Cook–Off and the annual Christmas Parade.

The training consists of an intense week of on and off road riding involving obstacles you would encounter while patrolling, and firearms training on the bicycle. Bicycle Patrol allows officers to get back in touch with the community.  Additionally, bicycle patrol allows officers to perform directed patrol without being identified readily by the criminal element as a Police Officer.



Honor Guard

The Honor Guard is comprised of sworn officers who volunteer for the position. The Honor Guard is used to represent the Police Department at any law enforcement or military event. Since its inception in 1999, the team has represented Woodland Police Department at funerals for fallen officers, parades, presentations and has placed a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington, Virginia.               



The Woodland Police Department SWAT Team is comprised of eight members, including a Lieutenant functioning as the tactical team commander. The team members train once a month in tactics and weapons. Our SWAT team is part of the Yolo County "ALERT", Area Law Enforcement Response Team. In more complex and protracted incidents, a countywide alert is activated to meet tactical needs.






Along with SWAT, the Woodland Police Department's Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) is part of the department's organized response to critical incidents. The CNT trains regularly with the other agency teams in the county.


The K-9’s on the force have been trained in patrol tactics as well as how to search for narcotics. The Department currently has two K-9's, both German Shepherds.

Crime Scene/Evidence Team 

The Crime Scene Investigative Team was established to meet the needs of our department by responding to major crime or incident such as homicides, major traffic collisions, sexual and physical assaults and burglaries. The team has training and experience in photography, diagramming, and collection of physical and latent/trace evidence. The Department has a crime scene lab that provides state of the art equipment that is used to process evidence. Everything from chemical processing fingerprint development, drying evidence, photographing for documentation and packaging evidence is done in the lab.

Team members are on call and may be requested to respond at any hour of the day or night. The team responds in a fully equipped van that contains many of the tools and equipment required for working both indoor and outdoor crime scenes. The team is dispatched as a minimum of two members or may request additional members as needed. Members are provided on-going training to continue to provide for their professional development and expertise. Monthly training allows each member to take part in practical exercise.