Gang Prevention

Basic Gang Information

Signs of Possible Gang Involvement

  • Graffiti on binders, notebooks, bedroom walls, or other property
  • Use of gang language, such as “homeboy”, “homegirl”, “buster”, or “scrap”
  • Tattoos, writing, or drawings of gang insignias on their skin
  • Use of hand signals or gestures to communicate with other gang members
  • Wearing clothing or colors that are associated with gangs; including clothes, hats, or specific methods of grooming
  • A change in behavior or lifestyle
  • Drug or alcohol use
  • Truancy or decline in grades at school
  • Change of friends
  • Large sums of money or expensive items, which they cannot explain.
  • Admitted gang membership

How Gangs Work

Gangs are driven by intimidation of others and notoriety. They glamorize violence, and use it to maintain their status in the gang. These gangs do not usually have an identified leader. The person who has proved himself or herself to be the toughest, or who has the most weapons may become a leader, though this is generally short-lived.

How to Discourage your Child from Joining a Gang

  1. Know your child’s friends, and the parents of their friends
  2. Participate, occupy, and supervise your child’s free time
  3. Develop good communication with your child
  4. Do not buy or allow your child to dress in clothing associated with gang style or colors
  5. Know the type of music your child listens to. Do not allow them to listen to music that glorifies the gang lifestyle
  6. Set limits for your child

Through efforts that combine the Woodland Police Department with the Woodland Joint Unified School District, we can make a difference in our community. We are committed to improving the quality of life for our citizens, and are striving to enhance a feeling of trust between the police department and the community.

For Additional Information

530 661-7817 (also use this number for non-emergency info or anonymous tips 24/hour a day)
Gang Suppression Unit

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