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Construction & Demolition Ordinance Information & Compliance Materials

An estimated 29% of the waste stream going to California landfills has been determined to be from construction and demolition debris. The City's Construction and Demolition (C&D) Ordinance became effective September 18, 2006. This ordinance was established in order to help the City comply with AB939 (signed into California state law in 1989) which requires local governments to divert 50% of materials sent to the landfill by the year 2000, and each successive year thereafter. The California Green Building Standards Code, also known as the CALGreen Code, establishes the minimum mandatory Green Building Standards that must be implemented and enforced. The City's C&D Ordinance was amended in 2016 in response to revisions and updates to construction waste reduction, disposal, and recycling standards in the 2016 Triennial edition of the CALGreen Code. The amended C&D Ordinance, consistent with the current CALGreen Code and effective January 2017, requires applicable projects to divert 65% of project-generated C&D debris sent to landfills through reuse and recycling options.

Compliance Resources and Materials

For more information on project types subject to compliance, steps to take to remain in compliance, compliance requirements, the C&D Debris Recycling and Diversion Ordinance text, categorized C&D debris for sorting, a directory of local reuse, recycling, and disposal locations, or to download the Waste Reduction and Recycling (WRR) Plan and Report forms, click the buttons below.


Additional Resources
For more information on statewide C&D debris diversion, visit the CalRecycle Construction & Demolition webpage. CalRecycle Conversion Factors for Recyclable Materials

For questions or assistance, please contact the City's C&D Coordinator:
C&D Coordinator
City of Woodland Public Works Department, Environmental Services Division
42929 County Road 24, Woodland, CA 95776
Telephone: 530-661-2063