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What is the Solid Waste & Recycling Program?

This program ensures the effectiveness of community refuse collection and proper disposal services through the outreach and education of the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  In addition, we ensure compliance with state laws for proper waste disposal and waste diversion from landfills.

Following the 3 R’s reduces the amount of waste we generate, meaning less trash is sent to landfills, where it can sit for hundreds or thousands of years.  Some waste can be toxic if not recycled or disposed of properly.  Check out the links on the left to find out how you can do your part to help the environment! 

Green Waste Map & Schedule
Monthly street pile pickups begin February 1. Click here to find the green waste street pile pickup schedule for your area.

 Learn more about Woodland's waste and recycling services:
Recycle flyer
(find out what is and is not recyclable
in your recycling bin/cart)
Guide to Woodland's Waste & Recycling Services
(learn about waste, recycling, green waste,
household hazardous waste, reuse, and more!)

Compost Bin Rebates
Backyard compost bin and vermicompost bin rebates are available for Woodland residents. Click here for details and the application.

Mandatory Commercial Recycling is Here!
Starting July 1, 2012, most businesses and multi-family properties have to start recycling if they aren’t already doing so! To see if your business or property falls under the mandatory commercial recycling requirements or for more information on arranging for recycling services, click here

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Program Support:
Conservation Coordinator: (530) 661-2059 or (530) 661-2063