Why are Woodland's Streets So Clean?

Thanks to a combination of its green waste and street sweeping programs, Woodland is proud to claim some of the cleanest streets around. The green waste program limits the types of green waste that can be put on the street, the amount of debris placed in the streets, and the timing for green waste piles. To learn more about the green waste program, click here.

Every street in Woodland is swept once a week! To find out what day of your street gets cleaned, please click to following link:

Street Sweeping Map: Click here
For assistance, call 530-661-2063

Why do I want the Streets Swept?

  • Sweeping up leaf debris reduces the potential for flooding from clogged storm drains during the rainy season.
  • Sweeping keeps the bike lane clean and safe for bicyclists and pedestrians. 
  • Sweeping keeps your street and your City clean and attractive.


Help Woodland Keep Streets Cleaner By:

  • Following the green waste street pile program rules and using your green waste bin whenever possible.
  • Moving personal vehicles/trailers off of the roadway during your street sweeping day.
  • Not parking in front of businesses on their street sweeping days.
  • Keeping your street clear of basketball hoops and other structures that may impede the street sweeper from cleaning the street and gutter.
  • Keeping trash, broken glass, soil and other inorganic material out of the street.
  • Reporting abandoned vehicles here.


Why is Street Sweeping Important to the Environment?
An effective street sweeping program is important because removing debris from gutters and roadsides means less debris goes down the storm drains and into the Tule Canal, eventually finding its way to the Sacramento River and causing water pollution.

Residents who rake or blow leaves and yard clippings into the street make it more difficult for street sweeper crews to remove these potential pollutants from the gutters and storm drains.

The City's street sweeping program is only part of the solution to water pollution. Residents can help by being aware of how their actions can contribute to or help solve the problem. For instance, overwatering can wash pollutants from yards and streets into gutters and storm drains. These pollutants include pesticides, fertilizers, motor oil and yard clippings.

Click to learn more about Stormwater or Environmental Services or City of Woodland Public Works