Water Conservation

Drought Update

Channel 13 News Report on Woodland Groundwater Levels (July 23, 2014)

Your help is needed to avoid water shortages by limiting water use from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. when the demand on our water supply is at its maximum.  We are urging customers to refrain from watering lawns or irrigating landscaping during these times.

State Drought Emergency Regulations

In January 2014, The City of Woodland asked the community for a voluntary 20% cutback in water use. The community responded, as evidenced by “golden” lawns around town. City Parks have also cut back irrigation by 20%. The city commends the community’s water conservation efforts to date. During April-June this year, Woodland’s average water use was 18% less than the average April-June use over the past three years. City staff will continue to emphasize an educational approach in responding to water-waste concerns.

Although Woodland has reduced overall water use, the drought emergency regulations adopted by the state on July 15 will require the city to impose certain mandatory water-conservation measures on all water users.

The state regulation requires urban water suppliers to prohibit:

• Irrigation runoff onto pavement.
• Washing vehicles with hoses unless they are equipped with shut-off nozzles.
• Using potable (drinking) water for cleaning driveways or sidewalks (unless for health and safety purposes).
• Using potable water in a fountain or other decorative water features unless it is a recirculating system.

The state is also requiring all urban water agencies to impose mandatory restrictions though their water shortage contingency plans. The City Council will hold a public hearing at its regular meeting on August 19 to consider invoking the city’s water shortage contingency plan and imposing other restrictions in accordance with the state mandate.

What Does a 20% Reduction Look Like?

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Looking for Ways to Reduce Your Water Use?

Leak Detection Brochure
The Cost of Water Waste

Calculate your home water usage with this free water use calculator from the Alliance for Water Efficiency, simply click the image on left. The Water Calculator automatically compares estimated water use against an average home and efficient home in the same region with the same number of residents. The Water Calculator also estimates the carbon footprint of household hot water use and helps identify areas where improved water efficiency may be possible.

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