Cross Connection Program

The City of Woodland, as the water purveyor, is held responsible for compliance to the provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act; this means that water quality provided by our operation is delivered to the customer without the quality being compromised as a result of its delivery through the distribution system.

The public water supply system can be contaminated by customers if the water is allowed to “backflow” or reverse direction into the potable water distribution system. Backflow devices are installed to prevent this from happening.

By State law the water purveyor (City of Woodland) is responsible for tracking the locations of these devices, of notifying property owners of upcoming annual testing and ensuring the testing is accomplished and the device passed.

The property owner is responsible for the expense of testing and any repairs or replacement costs. A list of approved testers (testers must be AWWA certified, testing equipment must be current on its calibration and tester must have a current COW business license) was sent with all the notification letters, as well as our approved form that we require all testers use.

We do have the right by State law (Department of Health & Environment) to shut off any water supply where we have identified a Cross-connection (water backflow contamination) and if, after several attempts to communicate this issue, the property owner has not made any effort to correct the contamination.

Backflow Program

Certified Backflow Testers

Official Backflow Test Form

Approved Backflow Assemblies

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