Tree Maintenance

Residential Street Tree Rebate

Thank you for your interest in the City of Woodland's Tree Rebate Program. Under this program, the City will reimburse the purchase price of residential street tree(s) up to $75 per address.

Why Plant Street Trees?

Trees cool hot streets, sidewalks and homes, resulting in significant energy savings. They filter harmful carbon dioxide from the air and replace it with life-giving oxygen. Trees also give shelter to wildlife, muffle noise and provide privacy. Overall, trees increase property values, add beauty and grace to our community, and become a priceless heritage for future generations.

How Does It Work?

Participation in the Rebate Program is easy - just complete the following steps:

  1. Read the Rebate Conditions below, and use the information on the Master Street Tree List to choose the best tree for your yard.
  2. Trees are to be planted behind the sidewalk in your front yard to qualify for the tree rebate. If you want to have a tree planted in the city maintenance strip call (530) 661-5962. The city will assist you with the planting of a maintenance strip tree at no cost to you.
  3. Buy your tree. Be sure to save the receipt from your purchase to submit with your rebate application.
  4. Plant your tree. Refer to the Planting and Staking Detail for our suggested planting method.
  5. Complete the Rebate Application and return it, along with proof of purchase, to

Tree Rebate
Public Works Department
655 N. Pioneer Ave.
Woodland, CA 95776-6112

Rebate Conditions - Please Read Carefully

  1. Tree(s) must be on the Approved Master Street Tree List and a minimum size of five (5) gallons.
  2. Tree(s) must be planted in front yard of a residential lot. We recommend following the City of Woodland's planting guidelines to avoid future conflicts with utility lines, concrete work and other landscaping. Important Note: The property owner will be responsible for all future tree maintenance.
  3. Maximum rebate allowed is $75 per address.
  4. Original sales receipt must be included with rebate application as proof of purchase.
  5. Tenants who wish to participate should contact their property owner/manager prior to purchasing and planting tree(s). The City will verify property owner consent before rebate is issued.
  6. All residents who comply with the conditions listed above will receive a rebate from the City of Woodland. Rebate checks will typically be issued within two to three weeks. If you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Department at 661-5962.