Pollution Prevention Program

The Pollution Prevention Program (PPP)  focuses commercial and industrial dischargers not regulated under the Industrial Pretreatment Program but whose wastewater discharges have the potential to adversely impact the operation and performance of the City’s Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) or wastewater collection system.  Regulated businesses are divided into three major groups: businesses of concern, food service businesses, and automotive related businesses. 

Businesses of Concern

Businesses of concern are commercial businesses that have the potential to cause problems for the WPCF or the collection system.  The City also uses this classification to permit and monitor businesses because of complaints or chronic collection system maintenance problems.

Food Service Businesses

The intention of permitting food service businesses is to reduce the amount of fats, oil and grease (FOG) entering the sanitary sewer system from food preparation and clean-up. At many food service businesses, oil and grease that was once poured down sanitary drains is now recycled or disposed of as solid waste. 

Automotive Related Businesses

The intention of regulating automotive related businesses is to reduce or eliminate the introduction of solvents, oils and other hazardous waste fluids related to automotive repair and service to the sanitary sewer system. PPP staff also works with automotive related businesses on proper storage and management of hazardous wastes.

Public Education and Outreach

Public education and outreach to our residential customers is also a major focus of the Pollution Prevention Program. Our goal is to teach our customers to avoid practices that can lead to sanitary sewer overflows, which are costly and time-consuming to clean up and have the potential to cause serious environmental damage.  

You Can Help Prevent Sanitary Sewer Overflows

Prevent Sewer Backups by Remembering the Three "P's"

In your kitchen, never pour Fats, Oil or Grease (FOG) down the sink. In your bathrooms remember the three “P’s”! Only Pee, Poo & Paper down the pipes. A little bit of good housekeeping by all can prevent an expensive call. Click here for more information.

Recycle Your Cooking Oil and Grease

The Pollution Prevention Program and SeQuential are have teamed up  to offer Woodland residents free recycling of their cooking oil and grease at the City’s Water Pollution Control Facility.

Click here to view holiday turkey fryer oil recycling flier.

  • Cooking oil and grease are accepted, by appointment, Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. (closed holidays).
  • The Water Pollution Control Facility is located at 42929 County Road 24. Click here for a map. 
  • This recycling service is for our residential customers only and is not open to commercial or industrial food preparation businesses.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call the Pollution Prevention Program at (530) 661-2058 or (530) 661-2057

Don’t Flush Those Wipes

Just because the label says “flushable” doesn’t mean that you should flush it. Unlike toilet paper, flushable wipes do not dissolve. Instead, they can become caught up in sewer lines, create blockages, and cause sewage overflows. Flushable wipes also get stuck in the City’s sewer pumps. Every year, our crews spend many hours repairing pumps that have been clogged by flushable wipes. Be kind to your pipes; instead of flushing, please dispose of these products in the trash can. Click here for more information.

Learn More about Pollution Prevention

The City of Woodland is proud to be a part of with KUIC 95.3's Hometown Green campaign. For more information, click the KUIC logo.

For information regarding flushable wipes, watch the Will it Flush? Video.