Report Water Waste
Report Water Waste
The City of Woodland is dedicated to helping our community save water. One of the ways that we can substantially reduce water waste is by relying on members of our community to notify us when they observe water being wasted.  This relationship between the City and members of the community is an essential element of the City’s water conservation program.

If you observe water waste, please either call our Water Conservation Coordinator at 530-661-2067 or simply fill in the information below.  Please include your contact information in case we have questions about the report. Due to the volume of contacts we receive, anonymous reports will be given the lowest priority.  We value and appreciate your help and will keep your information confidential.  Remember, we are here to help; we are not “Water Cops” out to cite folks. When we receive a complaint about water waste, most of the time the individual or business is not even aware of the problem.  This becomes a great opportunity to educate our community members on the value of water conservation and the importance of conserving this limited natural resource. 

Thank you for your help! 

Report Water Waste Here!
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