Sample Billing For Metered Customers

As of January 2006, state law requires water service providers (City of Woodland) to install water meters and charge customers for actual water use. In compliance with state law, the City Council approved new water metered rates in November 2009.

The metered rate is based on two components: 1) a monthly base charge, and 2) a water consumption charge (actual water use). The City will provide sample bills for six months until your property is switched to the metered water rate.  The purpose of the sample bill is to compare your current flat rate to your future metered rate, and help you understand that your monthly water charges will change every month based on how much water is used. Most water users will see seasonal variations in their water bill depending on irrigation use. 

If the sample bill you received is higher than your current bill, we encourage you to check for leaks.   If no leaks are found you might want to look into some water conservation methods to help conserve.

UPDATE - Residential Flat Water Rate Changes to Metered Rate for 5,800 Customers

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How-To-Read Sample Bill - ENGLISH

How-To-Read Sample Bill - SPANISH


April 20, 2010 Press Release

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