Human Resources

Located on the second floor of the historic City Hall building, the City of Woodland’s Human Resources Department busily works to provide the city with its most valuable resource: its People.  The primary objective is to recruit, select and support the people whose efforts, passion and expertise keep the City of Woodland moving forward.  By selecting the right people for the city’s critical jobs and providing those people with a positive, friendly work environment, the Human Resources Department attracts and retains the fantastic staff that helps Woodland be the City it is today: A great place to live, work and grow.  Located in the heartland of California and just two hours away from the Sierra Mountains, Woodland offers an ideal location and the Mediterranean climate creates cloudless conditions, bringing with it many days of sunshine.

The City of Woodland provides numerous employment opportunities in a friendly work environment. It is known for on-the-job training opportunities, as well as career challenges.  The City employs 376 permanent employees and 200 seasonal employees for approximately 130 job classifications.
If you are interested in browsing the jobs currently available with the City of Woodland or information on how to apply for a City job, details are available by following the links provided in the sidebar.