Sec. 14A-4-13. Removal--Transfer of title.

(a) In the event the community development director must cause to be removed a vehicle or parts thereof ordered abated pursuant to this article, the community development director may cause the vehicle, or parts thereof, to be taken to a licensed scrap yard or automobile dismantler's yard. In furtherance of this section, the community development director is expressly authorized to enter upon the premises for the purpose of abating the nuisance, subject to the limitations and requirements set forth in Section 14A-3-1.
(b) Thereafter, the licensed dismantler or owner of the commercial enterprise who receives possession of the vehicle from the city shall be deemed to be the sole owner of the vehicle by reason of involuntary transfer made pursuant to law. After a vehicle has been removed it shall not thereafter be reconstructed or made operable, unless it is a vehicle which qualifies for either horseless carriage license plates or historical vehicle license plates, pursuant to Vehicle Code Section 5004. Licensed dismantlers or commercial enterprises acquiring vehicles removed pursuant to this article shall be excused from the reporting requirements of Section 11520 of the Vehicle Code, and any fees and penalties which would otherwise be due the Department of Motor Vehicles are waived pursuant to Section 22660 of the Vehicle Code; provided, that a copy of the order made pursuant to this article is retained in the business records of the dismantler or commercial enterprises. (Ord. No. 1215, § 4 (part).)