Sec. 14A-4-3. Notice--Exception.

No notice of intention of hearing shall be required for removal of a vehicle or parts thereof which is inoperable due to the absence of a motor, transmission or wheels and incapable of being towed, and is valued at less than two hundred dollars by the community development director provided that the following conditions are met:
(1) The owner of the land on which the vehicle or parts thereof is located, has signed a release authorizing the removal of the vehicle or parts and waiving further interest in the same;
(2) The other applicable provisions of this part pertaining to the removal and abatement of inoperative vehicles are complied with;
(3) The inoperable vehicle or part(s) is located on a parcel of land that is zoned for agricultural use or not improved with residential structures containing one or more dwelling units;
(4) Prior to final disposition of such a low-value vehicle or parts for which evidence of registration has been recorded, the community development director shall provide written notice to the registered and legal owners of intent to dispose of the vehicle or parts and that if the vehicle or part(s) is not claimed and removed within twelve days after the notice is mailed, final disposition may proceed. (Ord. No. 1215, § 4 (part).)