Sec. 14A-4-4. Disclaimer of responsibility.

The notice of intention shall include the following statement on the copy of the notice sent to the owner of the premises:
As to any vehicle(s) or parts thereto listed herein, you may appear in person at a hearing or you may file with the hearing officer a sworn statement denying responsibility for the presence on your property of the vehicle(s) or parts thereof listed, together with your reasons for such denial.
Your statement shall be construed as a request for a hearing which you need not attend.
At the hearing, your statement will be considered by the hearing officer in determining whether the cost of removing said vehicle(s) or parts thereof will be assessed against your property as a lien in the vent that removal of the vehicle(s) or parts thereof is undertaken by the city.
You need not file a sworn statement if you intend to attend the hearing, but you may do so if you wish. Such sworn statement will be considered only as to vehicle(s) or parts thereof, and will not be considered as to the existence of any other condition on your property which may be found to constitute a nuisance in this or any other proceeding.
(Ord. No. 1215, § 4 (part).)