Sec. 14A-1-5. Contents of notice.

The notice to abate the nuisance shall set forth the following:
(a) The street address, legal description or other description sufficient to identify the premises affected.
(b) A description of the condition causing the nuisance and, if the condition can be corrected or abated by repair thereof, the nature and extent of the repair required.
(c) The length of time permitted for voluntary abatement of the nuisance.
(1) This period shall be allowed prior to any enforcement proceedings by the city and shall be that period of time deemed reasonable by the community development director, but not to exceed thirty days.
(2) Should the community development director determine that delay in abatement would constitute a danger to human life or public safety, the period allowed may be reduced to twenty-four hours.
(d) A statement that the violator(s) may, during the abatement period, file a request for hearing, if the violator(s) disagree with the declaration of nuisance.
(e) A statement that if the condition is not voluntarily abated within the abatement period, the city will abate the nuisance, and that the costs of such abatement shall become a charge against the premises and shall be a lien against the premises. (Ord. No. 1081, (part).)