Sec. 25-11-30. Area, lot width and yard requirements.

The following minimum requirements shall be observed:
(1) Lot width
60 feet

Exceptions to this requirement are as follows:
Any lot facing a cul-de-sac or a curved street having a radius of less than one hundred feet at the property line shall have a minimum frontage of at least fifty feet measured along the front property line.
(2) Front yard
20 feet
(3) Side yards

Interior side--1 story
5 feet
Interior side--over 1 story
7 1/2 feet
Street side of corner lot
10 feet
(4) Rear yard
20 feet
(5) Lot area
6,000 square feet
(6) Lot area per dwelling unit

1,500 square feet
4,000 square feet
(7) Lot coverage

Exceptions to this requirement are as follows:
Any legally created lot not meeting the minimum lot area requirements, may be occupied by any use permitted by this article if all yard setback requirements are met. (Amended during the March 2009 supplement.)