Sec. 25-12-40. Application.

(a) Procedure. An application for the establishment of a P-D zone shall also include an application for a conditional use permit for all proposed developments within the zone. The conditional use permit application shall be considered concurrently with the zoning request and shall be approved subject to approval of the zoning request. No conditional use permit filing fee shall be required in such event and the combined application shall be processed pursuant to the provisions of Article 29. If the development is a large scale residential project the applicant may apply for a preliminary plan that outlines the concept of the project and states that number of dwelling units. A final plan can be submitted later which provides the details of the project.
(b) Development Plan. The use permit application shall include the following:
(1) Site plan showing lot area, street layout, lot design, locations of buildings, setbacks, driveways, off-street parking and loading areas, landscaping, on-site drainage areas.
(2) Floor plans and elevations of buildings, signs.
(3) Other information as required by the community development department.
(4) The community development director, may waive any above items if inappropriate, premature or speculative due to the nature of the project. (Amended during the March 2009 supplement.)