Sec. 25-12-50. Standards and criteria.

The following typical kinds of deviations from the standards applying to the underlying zone may be approved by the planning commission if the overall design and aesthetics of the project would provide the following:
(1) Residential. The residential project will provide:
(A) In the case of single-family units, fifty percent of the units will be owner occupied for the first year.
(B) More private/public open space or more low/very low income housing than required by the housing element of the city general plan.
(2) Residential Commercial Development. Mixed residential commercial development combines apartments and commercial facilities, that are compatible and grouped in a well-designed project.
(3) Industrial Development. Well-designed and controlled groupings of research, service, or light industrial uses within an area containing visual amenities and features, such as selective occupancies, increased setbacks, and additional landscaping. (Amended during the March 2009 supplement.)