Sec. 25-13-30. Temporary outdoor uses.

(a) Permitted outdoor uses--up to thirty days.
(1) Christmas tree, fireworks, and other annual sales activities;
(2) Farmers’ markets;
(3) Other promotional events such as carnivals and nonprofit fund-raising activities.
(b) Permitted outdoor uses--up to ten days.
(1) Short-term sales such as sidewalk or parking lot sales carried on by and adjacent to an existing commercial business which is conducted within a building;
(2) Parade related sales activities.
(c) Performance standards--apply to all temporary outdoor uses.
(1) A business or other appropriate city license approved by the zoning administrator is required for all uses;
(2) Written permission of the owner or operator of the property is required;
(3) Site plan approval may be required;
(4) All wares and goods are to be displayed in a neat and orderly fashion;
(5) Sales areas are not to interfere with driveways, corner sight requirements or sidewalk traffic;
(6) Use of parking spaces for sales displays requires approval of the traffic engineer;
(7) All uses are to be fully cleaned up and removed by close of business on the last day approved license is valid;
(8) No consecutive licenses are to be issued for the same location.
(d) Additional performance standards apply to subsection b of this section only.
(1) Sign Permit is Required. Temporary signs may not exceed four square feet in area. One sign permitted per site.
(2) Hours of operation limited to 8:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.
(3) Zoning administrator is authorized to permit uses for any duration between one day and ten days. (Amended during the March 2009 supplement.)