Sec. 25-14-30. Performance standards.

(a) Additional landscaping to improve compatibility with neighboring residential areas.
(b) All uses or activities shall be conducted wholly within completely enclosed buildings, except for auto service stations, off-street parking and loading facilities, temporary outdoor uses, or where in the opinion of the zoning administrator the use is incidental to a principal use on the premises and the proposed outside use is in character and harmony with the surrounding area.
(c) All uses to be located, oriented and designed so as to be compatible with the neighboring residential area.
(d) Building height to be compatible with neighboring residences not to exceed thirty feet.
(e) Fencing adequate to screen development from residential development along rear and side property lines.
(f) Hours of operation (open to public) shall not begin before 7:00 A.M. nor extend beyond 10:00 P.M.
(g) Light sources shall be directed and shielded so as to not illuminate surrounding residential areas.
(h) Maximum noise level at property lines not to exceed sixty-five dBA Ldn.
(i) Outside storage of solid wastes and containers for solid waste, containers, merchandise, or other items or goods awaiting pickup, sale, or other disposition shall be prohibited except where screened to the satisfaction of the planning commission or the zoning administrator.
(j) Setbacks to conform to adjacent residential zone(s). If adjacent to more than one residential zone, the most restrictive setbacks shall apply. (Amended during the March 2009 supplement.)