Sec. 25-18-20. Special conditions.

The following special conditions apply to those land uses indicated by corresponding letter in Table 3:
(1) Conditional use permit required;
(2) Accessory use, incidental to principal use;
(3) Conditional use permit required if abutting any residential zone;
(4) Temporary outdoor uses such as Christmas tree sales, farmer markets, fireworks sales and other promotional events, for a period not to exceed thirty days, subject to the approval of the zoning administrator. May be approved without public hearing;
(5) Permitted if intended to serve the industrial or agricultural area; i.e., accountants, architects, engineers, grain buyers, insurance and real estate. Conditional use permit required;
(6) Permitted provided the uses are located not less than five hundred feet from a more restrictive zone, the yard area is enclosed by a solid fence not less than six feet high, none of the material is stored higher than the fence and a conditional use permit is obtained;
(7) Those uses in the Entryway Overlay Zone (EOZ) are subject to the community design standards;
(8) Additional industrial uses are allowed in the entryway Overlay Zone (EOZ) in Table 3A. (Amended during the March 2009 supplement.)