Sec. 25-18-50. Performance standards.

(a) Front landscaping area shall extend to the valley gutter.
(b) A conditional use permit shall be required for assembly, fabricating, manufacturing, processing or storage of goods, materials or products in buildings or enclosed yards which may create dust, fumes, noise, odors, smoke or vibration in volumes to be offensive or objectionable beyond the premises or for any use which put a significant demand on city services (e.g., water, sewer, etc.)
(c) Fencing and landscaping adequate to screen development from adjacent residential zones along rear and side property lines.
(d) Outside storage of solid wastes and containers for solid waste, containers, merchandise, or other items or goods awaiting pickup, sale, or other disposition shall be prohibited except when screened to the satisfaction of the planning commission or the zoning administrator.
(e) Additional landscaping may be required in order to provide an aesthetically pleasing entrance to the city, if appropriate.
(f) Light sources shall be directed and shielded so as to not illuminate neighboring residential areas. (Amended during the March 2009 supplement.)