Sec. 25-21-30. Deep lot development.

N-P and R-2 zones normally permits only one duplex on each lot. The city recognizes, however, that these regulations may be a hardship on the owners of those lots which exceed one hundred sixty feet in depth. It is also recognized that the location of existing buildings, the lack of sufficient lot area, street frontage or surrounding development make it impossible to further subdivide the property. In such cases, the planning commission is authorized to approve additional dwelling units on the property subject to certain conditions and the city is satisfied that the character and density of the neighborhood will be preserved. The following regulations shall apply:
(1) Deep Lot Definition. A deep lot in the N-P or R-2 zone is any lot which has an average depth in excess of one hundred sixty feet.
(2) Restrictions. No deep lot may be developed pursuant to this section if the property is physically capable of further subdivision with public streets and standard size lots. The property on which the development is constructed shall remain as one unsubdivided parcel.
(3) Special Conditions.
(A) The total number of units permitted on the property is determined by dividing the net area of the property by five thousand square feet. Any dwelling unit or units now existing on the property must be included in the total number of units permitted. A remaining fraction of two thousand five hundred square feet or more shall permit one additional dwelling unit.
(B) The dwelling units may be either detached single-family units or duplex units.
(C) Access. An access or driveway at least ten feet in width must be provided from the street past the front units(s) to the rear unit(s).
(D) Parking. At least two off-street parking spaces shall be provided on the property for each dwelling unit.
(E) Setbacks and Yard Requirements. Minimum setbacks and yard requirements shall be those required for the zone in which the property is located. Dwelling units must be separated by a minimum setback of twenty feet.
(F) Utilities, utility connections and extensions shall be as required by city code.
(4) Procedure for Obtaining Permit.
(A) Verify that property qualifies for deep lot development.
(B) Prepare an accurate plot plan of property to scale. Show all property lines; existing and proposed buildings; off-street parking spaces; trees, and other information necessary to explain the proposed development. Setbacks from property lines, distances between buildings, and parking spaces should be dimensioned.
(C) Submit an application to the planning commission for conditional use permit approval. (Amended during the March 2009 supplement.)