Sec. 25-21-55. Nonconforming uses.

(a) Continuing Existing Buildings and Uses. Except as hereinafter provided, any use of land, building or structure, lawfully existing at the time of the adoption of this chapter may be continued, even though such use, building or structure may not conform to the provisions of this chapter or the zone in which it is located. Nonconforming signs are subject to the provisions of Article 25.
(b) Nonconforming Buildings and Structures.
(1) Maintenance and Repair. A conforming building or structure may be maintained or repaired as required to keep the building or structure in sound condition, provided however that no structural alterations shall be made except those required by the building inspector.
(2) Additions and Enlargements. No building or structure nonconforming as to use, lot area, or yard width or depth regulations, may be added to or enlarged unless such nonconforming building or structure and the additions and enlargements thereto and the use thereof are all made to conform to the regulations of the zone in which it is located.
(3) Relocation. A nonconforming building shall not be moved to any other lot or to any other portion of the lot on which it is presently located unless as a result of the move the building shall conform to the regulations of the zone in which it will be located after the move.
(4) Restoration--Damaged Buildings. A nonconforming building or structure which is damaged or partially destroyed by any reason to an extent of not more than fifty percent of its market value at that time, may be restored and the occupancy or use of such building or structure may be continued or resumed, provided such restoration is started within a period of one year and is diligently prosecuted to completion. In the event such damage or destruction exceeds fifty percent of the market value of the building or structure, no repairs or reconstruction shall be made unless every portion of such building or structure is made to conform to all regulations for new buildings in the zone in which it is located.
(c) Nonconforming Use of Buildings.
(1) Extension of Use. A nonconforming use may not be extended to other parts of a building unless authorized by the zoning administrator.
(2) Change of Use. The nonconforming use of a building may be changed to another nonconforming use, which, in the opinion of the zoning administrator, is of the same or of a more restrictive nature.
(d) Vacancy. Any nonconforming use of land and/or building or structure which becomes vacant and remains unoccupied for a continuous period of one year shall not thereafter be occupied except by a use which conforms to the use regulations of the zone in which it is located. (Amended during the March 2009 supplement.)