Sec. 25-22-30. Submittal.

(a) Plan. Three sets of landscape plans at an appropriate scale shall be submitted showing:
(1) Property lines and public utility easements;
(2) Dimensions;
(3) Structures, street lights, poles, transformers, etc.;
(4) Irrigation system and estimated water usage per month;
(5) Trash enclosures;
(6) Existing natural features, including trees to be retained and buildings on adjoining parcels;
(7) Grading plan, including:
(A) Finished planter elevations,
(B) Grade differentials with adjoining properties,
(C) Retaining walls, if any,
(D) Location of on-site trench drains,
(E) Percentage of grade of any mounds;
(8) Plant list, including: See city landscaping specification for suggested plant species.
(A) Botanical and common names,
(B) Identification tags for each different species,
(C) Quantities of each species,
(D) Container sizes,
(E) Mature spread and height of trees and shrubs,
(F) Rate of growth (fast, moderate, slow).
(9) Shade coverage and interior landscaping coverage calculations.
(b) Approval. Landscape plans must be approved prior to issuance of a building permit and work completed prior to occupancy (see Section 25-22-40). (Amended during the March 2009 supplement.)