Sec. 25-23-20. Truck loading and unloading space.

Every building or structure used for commercial (except offices), industrial or service uses, or any other building where large amounts of goods are received or shipped, shall be provided with truck loading and unloading space as follows:
(1) One permanently maintained truck loading and unloading space for buildings having a gross floor area of seven thousand five hundred square feet or more, plus one additional space for each additional twenty thousand square feet or major fraction thereof.
(2) Each loading space shall be not less than ten feet in width, twenty-five feet in length and fourteen feet in height.
(3) Loading space, exclusive of driveway and/or corridors leading thereto shall be in addition to required parking space.
(4) Industrial, commercial, and office condominiums having need for only occasional receiving or shipping of goods may use a portion of the driveway or parking area for temporary loading and unloading. (Amended during the March 2009 supplement.)