Sec. 25-23-40. Location of off-street parking and loading facilities.

(a) Each required off-street parking facility shall be located on the same property as the land use it is intended to serve, except as otherwise permitted in the commercial land use table, Section 25-13-10.
(b) Off-street parking facilities may be located in required building setback areas where not in conflict with the landscaping requirements contained in Article 22.
(c) Backing onto a public street shall not be permitted except for driveways and off-street parking areas serving dwelling structures of three units or less on one parcel of land.
(d) Locations of all parking, loading, and unloading facilities are subject to the approval of the community development director and the traffic engineer.
(e) Off-street parking facilities, such as carports, may be located in side or rear yards of apartments subject to approval of the community development director. (Amended during the March 2009 supplement.)