Sec. 25-23-50. Development and repair of off-street parking areas.

Every off-street parking area shall be constructed as follows:
(1) Parking Area Improvements General. Paving, grading, and other parking area improvements shall conform to the city of Woodland Standard Specifications and this article.
(2) Submittal. In addition to the requirements of Section 25-22-10, plans shall show parking stalls, driveways, other paved areas, and provisions for on-site drainage.
(3) On-Site Drainage. At locations where street drainage facilities are inadequate, do not exist or where unusual topographic conditions exist, the city engineer may specify such on-site drainage measures as he deems necessary to adequately dispose of the drainage water. (See city of Woodland Standard Specifications for specifics).
(4) Alternate Parking Area Surface. Concrete, asphalt, grouted continuous brick, cobblestone, turf block, or any similar, durable and dustless surface upon approval of the community development director.
(5) Repairs and Repaving. Compliance with the provisions set forth in this section shall not be required for the repairing or repaving of an existing parking area. A gravel surfaced parking area, unless previously approved as such, shall not be considered a paved area and does not qualify for this exemption.
(6) Reduction in Landscaping or Parking Spaces. When, in the reconstruction or repair of an existing parking area, compliance with this article and/or Article 22 is required and such compliance would result in a reduced number of parking spaces, the zoning administrator may grant a variance in the required number of parking spaces, required landscape area, or both.
(7) Fencing. Any portion of an off-street parking area which abuts a residential zone shall be screened by a fence or wall not less than six feet in height, except within the front setback area where the fence shall be no higher than three and one-half feet (See Sections 25-22-10(k), (l) and (m)).
(8) Other Uses. Parking areas shall be used for vehicle parking only with no sales, dead storage, repair work, dismantling or servicing of any kind permitted. (Amended during the March 2009 supplement.)